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Working together with your team, identify one meaningful activity with the end goal of giving back! Once you have agreed upon a goal Divide and Conquer by assigning each team member to a task.


Creating a Timeline for completion by a designated date will keep everyone on track.  Motivation can stem from a variety of sources, and no one knows your team better than you!  Don’t forget to Check-in with team members to keep each other motivated.  

Celebrate your achievements and post to Yammer to inspire Team Awesome!


Set a self-care intention each month, either personally or as a team!  The goal is to choose an Act of Kindness on a monthly cadence and focus intently on achieving.  We encourage you and/or your team to identify an Act that your body and mind crave or you feel may be necessary at that time.  Empower yourself with positivity!

•  Celebrate a win, and actually celebrate it
•  Take an electronics break
•  Come up with something fun you want to try and Do It

•  Declutter a place in your home that has been bothering you
•  Edit who you follow on social media
•  Read a book or magazine for an hour

•  Watch the sunset or sunrise.  Just sit and watch it.
•  Dance it out to your favorite song
•  Start a gratitude journal and maintain it daily 

•  Explore the city that you live in
•  Create!  Build, color, knit, paint
•  Meditate, even if for 5 minutes

A big THANK YOU to Becca Hallisey for the idea of the 12 Acts of Kindness and Seeds of Happiness.  


Seeds of Happiness started out as leftover lumps of clay made into little smiles to give friends who were going through hard times and needed some joy and support.  Seeds of Happiness have given out thousands of smiles, are all over the world, and have made a difference to someone.

Seeds of Happiness Challenge
Each team member will receive their very own Seed of Happiness.  We ask that you share your Seed of Happiness with one person who needs a smile or a heartfelt act of kindness.  Then, post your story, photo or video on our Kudoboard!



Please join us by leaving your mark on our

Marketing Masters 2021 Positivity Board!  


•    Share your Happiness Hacks for all to be inspired!  

•    Share your self-care goals and achievements!
•    Show off your At Home style!
•    Post your stories, videos and photos of community service efforts!
•    Give shout-outs to your team members!
•    Include positive messages, images or quotes that motivate you!

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