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While we cannot wait to see you in person, this year’s conference will be held virtually, and our volunteer team has done an amazing job to make the most of your experience. We have partnered with a company called "The Event Lounge" and are using Virtu-Meet as the conference platform plus Zoom Rooms for session.  The platform and agenda are intuitive, but you'll find helpful tips below so you know what to expect. 

When is Marketing Masters 2023?  

October 16-19, 2023

What time zone is the agenda?

For the purposes of the event, we will be using Central Time Zone for the agenda. We know we have team members attending from all over the country, plus our friends in Europe and Mexico, so please make note of this time zone.

I am new to Greystar, what do I need to know?

If this is your first Marketing Masters, join us at 11:00AM CDT on Monday, October 16 for New Attendee Orientation to learn what to expect with this year’s virtual conference. 

Why should I attend Marketing Masters 2023?

  • Connect with your peers and learn the latest about Greystar marketing

  • Be motivated by dynamic speakers

  • Exciting, informative breakout sessions filled with can’t-miss content

  • Team Building, self-care inspiration and volunteer service projects

  • Announcement of our Award Winners

  • Tradeshow showcasing our Preferred Marketing Partners

  • Have an opportunity to win fabulous prizes!

  • Click here to download the app and don’t forget to listen to our Spotify Playlist


What do I need to attend?

  • Your computer, tablet, or mobile phone (using your computer will allow for the best viewing experience)


What internet browser should I use to access the virtual venue?

  • The latest version of Google Chrome is preferred; however, Edge 16+, Firefox 60+, Internet Explorer 11+ or Safari 10+ may also be used.  Having a strong internet connection and using Chrome will enhance the functionality and user experience for Virtu-Meet.  Aspects such as poor internet connection, shared bandwidth, firewall issue, servers blocking required websites, etc. can impact the platform’s performance.


How do I login?

Below are some best practices to prepare you for the Virtual Greystar Marketing Masters Summit! You will
access the conference at

  • Use the email you registered with along with TBD as the password to login.

  • The first time you log in you will need to agree to the Virtu-Meet Terms and Conditions.

  • If you experience any difficulties with logging in, click on “Trouble logging in? Click here” to senda message to the Virtu-Meet Help Desk.

  • If you need to reset your password, click on the Forgot password button and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you do not see the reset password email in your email Inbox.


Having a strong internet connection and using Chrome will enhance the functionality and user experience for Virtu-Meet.

  • Aspects such as a poor internet connection, shared bandwidth, firewall issues, servers blocking required websites, etc. can impact your experience with the platform.


Below are additional areas to familiarize yourself with and share with your IT department (if applicable) prior to the conference. The live stream for this event supports the following browser versions:

  • Chrome 65+, Edge 16+, Firefox 60+, Internet Explorer 11+, Safari 10+


If you're at home or on an unrestricted network, you shouldn't have any issues connecting to the live stream and chat, but if you're on a work network, ask your IT department to permit/whitelist these domains:



  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *

  • *



  • To watch replays, Vimeo must be authorized on your network

  • Please ensure you have Zoom downloaded as a desktop app and it is up to date.

  • The live stream requires a minimum connection speed of 650 kbps to function

  • Consider turning off your VPN if you encounter issues


During the conference if you have a question or need assistance, the tech support function will be available by clicking on the ? located in the top right hand corner. Alternatively, you can send an email to


Please navigate around the platform before the conference begins to aid in your familiarity with how the platform works and where to access the various components of the conference.

  • You can access the platform at any point after receiving this email but, most important to note, a test session with streaming video/audio and Zoom Chat Room will be open in Virtu-Meet from 10 AM - 2 PM CT on Friday, October 13th.

  • Logging into the platform between these times on the device you will be using to access the virtual event will cut down on possible connectivity issues the day of the event.


Where can I find the agenda?

  • Easy peasy! Simply go to the Lobby and click on the room that says Sessions. Or click on Agenda in the APP.


How will the Supplier-Buyer meetings work?

  • Now entering the Shark Tank...


How do I attend the Expo?

You can enter the Expo from the lobby if you click on the room that says Expo, or you can access it by clicking on the Sponsor tab at the top of the platform website.  Click on the sponsor you would like to visit, and you’ll automatically be taken to their virtual booth.  Click on “Let’s Chat” button and you will find the link to the sponsor booth where you will be connected with a representative. 


Official Expo times are:

  • Thursday from 2:30 pm-4:30 pm CDT


To give you more time with our valued sponsors, we have added new bonus time where you can visit booths during your lunch break on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This is not mandatory, but please take advantage of the time to connect with sponsors and keep in mind that you will earn points by visiting sponsor booths, which make you eligible for exciting prizes at the end of the conference. 

Are we doing anything for Team Building?

You betcha we are!  Our Team Building activity is a time-honored tradition for Marketing Masters that ties into our Greystar Community Pillars.


How do I win prizes?

The virtual platform is designed to track your activities, so that you automatically earn points. The more sessions and booths you visit, and the more activities you participate in, the more points you earn. You will have an opportunity to earn points right up to the close of the conference.  Everyone is eligible for a drawing, which we will announce after Masters! But the more points you have, the better chance of winning. So don’t miss out on winning amazing prizes like the Apple Air Max Pro, Home Office Makeover, Peloton Digital Membership, Sonos Roam and lots of other prizes!

What if I miss one of the content sessions or want to re-watch because it was so amazing?

You should be able to watch the sessions the day after they take place or sooner.  Please refer to the Agenda after the session you have missed and if you see a “Watch Now” button instead of a “Join Now” button, the session is available for viewing.  You will be able to view sessions up to 7 days post conference by logging back into the Virtu-Meet platform. 


Should I expect any pre-conference mail?

Team members should expect a minimum of 3 packages being delivered to the address they included in their promo kit order. These packages will include different gifts from sponsors, MM2023 promo, and a few other conference surprises. Please keep an eye out for them starting the week of October 9th!


Who Are the Main Contacts for Questions?

  • If you have any questions regarding meeting content, please contact 

  • For questions about sponsors, please contact Tiffany Walters at or Carina Bryars at

  • Should you have any technical challenges during the conference, there are several ways to ask for help.

    • Click on the Help Desk in the main conference lobby

    • Click on any of the question marks you will see on each agenda page to be connected directly to the Help Desk

    • E-mail

    • For Greystar system-related issues (VPN, blocked website, etc), email Clint Stanley: Clint Stanley or chat with him in Teams.


Thank you and hope you enjoy a great conference, make it productive!


More questions? Download our app with additional event details. We have also hired On Point Meetings to help plan the details of this year’s meeting. Please contact if you have questions regarding your hotel stay or this year’s conference experience. 

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